Advice for New Moms

Newborns are not easy to take care of. They require a lot of time and attention. There are some common mistakes that new parents make when taking care of a new baby. These tips are so common and there are some easy suggestions on how to fix them.


Too Many Crib Decorations

Parents may be tempted to put stuffed animals and toys in the crib. They may make things look cute but there is a downside. Too many things can be rather dangerous. Toys and other items pose a risk for suffocation.




Stuffed animals and even crib bumpers can put the baby at risk for suffocation. The American Academy of Pediatrics warm parents against using sleep petitioners. When a baby is sleeping the room should be quiet, dark, and cool. A firm mattress and a well fitting crib sheet is all the baby is going to need.


Ignoring Yourself


Moms are so busy taking care of the new baby they forget to take care of themselves. They do not get enough sleep, do not eat right, and have no time to sit down and unwind even for a couple of minutes. Taking a shower can seem like a huge task.




Get some sleep, take a quick shower, and eat healthy. When the baby is sleeping take a nap and relax. This will make mom feel much better and she will be able to enjoy every minute with the baby.


Comparing Development to Other Babies

Parents often look at other babies and compare their own child to them. When another baby starts to walk a parent becomes concerned if their child is not walking right away. If they baby is not doing the same thing they think that something is wrong. Babies hit milestones at different times.




While there are guidelines for normal development babies will hit milestones at different ages. Babies usually smile around 8 weeks, sit up between 5 and 7 months, and may anywhere between 9 and 16 months. See the pediatrician with any concerns about development. They will be able to tell if there is a real problem or if the parent is just a little nervous.


Ignoring Dad


It is not uncommon for dad to take a back seat to the baby. Mom may feel like she has to do everything. He may feel like he is not needed.




Be sure to include him in taking care of the baby. Dad can change diapers, give baths, and play with the baby. Be sure to include dad in all major events.


Lack of Sleep


Many newborns will take a nap every three hours but not all. The first three months may be a little tough. It can be tricky to get a baby on a schedule.




If the baby does not sleep exactly every three hours it is okay. Get some sleep whenever the baby naps.
Babies teach people so much. Be sure to stay calm and relax if things do not go exactly as planned.