Staying Fit via the Best Exercise Bikes during Winter

It’s about that time again! The leaves are falling, it smells like pumpkin spice everywhere, and the days are getting shorter. Before we know it it’ll be too cold to step outside. Like many people I have fallen off the fit wagon with the weather change. This year, however, will be different. There are many ways to stay fit during this time of year.

A young woman with shopping bags is walking up the stairs outside at sunset

First off finding an activity that keeps me moving is crucial. During the summer spending time outside just comes naturally. Whether it’s an amusement park, beach activities, or just a walk; during the warmer months, it is made easy to keep off the extra pounds. An easy way to replace this with mall walking! It’s an easy place to stay warm and keep moving. Even better since I love to shop. One of the main things that will help are the stairs. There, of course, are escalators and elevators available but getting those extra elevated steps help maintain the endurance that was already built.


Beside replacing outdoor activities, maintaining a gym routine is part of the plan! Convincing myself to go to the gym when it is so comfy and cozy inside may be a challenge the encouragement to go comes from inside. I know myself well enough to know that during the holiday season there are so many treats available during gatherings. No one likes to be with family and feel deprived. Being able to indulge occasionally in turn actually will help me stay fit because the gym workouts will be part of a personal contract.




There may be days when it’s too cold to go or the snow makes conditions unsafe. There still won’t be any excuses! Working out at home is an option. There are many YouTube accounts dedicated to catering to the crowd of people who prefer to do things in the comfort of their home. Also, it’s easy to find workout DVD programs that match up with different skill sets. In preparation for the weather, I’ll find either a YouTube channel or buy a workout DVD to make sure I always have options. Also to go with this I’ll invest in a few inexpensive pieces of home gym equipment such as resistance bands, a medicine ball, and a weight set. Not to forget, I’ve been looking into recumbent bike reviews — I feel keeping in shape, or for some losing some weight even during winter, can be accomplished faster with an exercise bike.


Something that is very popular during the colder months, right before it gets too cold to be outside, are holiday runs. Many towns have either a turkey trot or a Santa run that is meant to encourage us to stay moving! I will find one to sign up for and get my friends to join so it’s truly a fun run. Having a specific run will be helpful because I’ll have something to work towards!


Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean I’ll avoid the outdoors as a whole. A great way to stay active while getting something accomplished is by shoveling the snow. We’ve all done it and we all know that when first outside it’s freezing but by the time it’s all finished the sweat is dripping! Another outdoor activity is sleighing. I have younger family members to take but it’s an activity I know my friends would join in on too. Since I’d be going to a nearby park there wouldn’t be a lift to bring me back to the top of the hill unlike skiing and snowboarding (which I know help maintain fitness as well).


Something that I plan on trying is active TV viewing. I, like anyone else, watch more TV in the winter. Active TV viewing is when one jogs or skips in place when watching. It is definitely something to try but I may have to jazz it up and get more creative with it. What I plan on doing is using some of the home workout equipment investments while watching because with repetitions and change-ups it won’t feel stagnant.


With the weather being warmer naturally I eat less and more healthily. To remedy the change I’ll be starting a food journal during the cold. It will help me make better eating choices. Also, since I’ll be documenting everything I can compare and keep better track of my progress which will set me up for success. The truth is, seeing the calories add up on paper will be motivation to keep me on track!
Trying something new is always fun which is why it’s another way I’ll stay fit. Whether I join a basketball team or any other indoor sport it will create a sense of belonging. With people relying on me to be somewhere I’ll have more motivation, the fact that it is something that will keep me active is a plus. There are so many awesome ways to stay fit when it gets colder out. It may take a little creativity but we all can find our perfect fitness cocktail so that we don’t miss a beat.


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